Society of IT Engineers and Researchers


The SITER has a dedicated forum for the international peer support in research activities and for the networking opportunities in research. The aim of the forum is to work jointly, share new knowledge, ideas and contribute technically for the sustainable growth of societies, institutions, industries and people, thereby enhance the socio-economic growth of the knowledgeable society.

Our eminent academic community/ stakeholders include Professors, Student Scholars, Researchers, Educators, Scientists, Engineers and the Industrial Experts who associated with various academies, higher educational institutions and industries. It is a place to engage with various research and publication related activities. The research forum members can work with Society’s technical committees and also open the opportunity to collaborate, network and exchange ideas and knowledge.

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Connect Research & Researchers

SITER forum is to discuss the research topics and methodologies from the global research and technological community. The eminent forum members can collaborate and contribute in the technical programs and conference publication.



The aim of the SITER is to help researchers do their research in Artificial Intelligence and other computing related field of study. The main intention of SITER forum is to gather distinct individuals having a common interest in technology from around the globe in a common platform. Researchers, Scientists, Engineers and people interested in research arena can join the forum with a Free Membership. Through SITER forum interested individuals can learn and update new trends and technologies. This forum will also help the faculty and student scholars for networking and gain knowledge from the international academic community.
Advantages and Benefits


Here are the advantages to join the forum as a Researcher, Scholar, Academician or Engineer.

  • It’s a great place to network, collaborate and exchange ideas
  • Eligible to participate and contribute in the SITER conference technical programme, publication or publicity committee
  • Get the Certificate of Appreciation for your committee works or volunteer works
  • Members can form a Research Group for research paper writing, participate and publish the research work via SITER as the focal point.
  • Priority to exhibit your research, project work or academic work during the annual conference sessions
  • Volunteer the conference programme activities like session technical chair or registration.
  • Get the priority for the Keynote Invitation or Invited Talk.
  • Eligible to organize workshop or training sessions for the annual events sponsored by SITER
  • Opportunity to write the article and publish through the SITER Blog page
  • Include SITER membership in your CV/ Resume and enhance the career demand and reputation.
  • Self-branding and online presence through the SITER Web Portal


Membership Period

Membership is Free and valid for 5 years from the date of join. The members need to renew the membership every five years.


Selection Process

The SITER’s team will evaluate the applicant Resume in terms of the applicant’s research experience, qualification, discipline and career status, which may normally take five working days to acknowledge the membership.

Send Your Latest


Send Your Latest Resume to [email protected] to process your application for SITER Membership