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Dr. Mohammed Ali Hussain

Professor and Assoc. Dean R & D, KL Deemed to be University, India

Dr. Mohammed Ali’s Article

Artificial Intelligence and Data Sciences for Securing Mobile Health Informatics Systems

The importance of computing devices and their connectivity has become mandatory in our daily life. The connectivity of computing devices has been achieving by various networking technologies based on the applications. One of the networking technologies is mobile health care system, which is based on the peer to peer wireless infrastructure less network. The aim of the system is to provide the round-the-clock healthcare services to the patients by flexible and powerful patient surveillance through wearable devices. The monitoring information must be securely proceeded to the intended entities, as many patients have privacy concern about their personal information. Thus one of the design issues of the mobile health care system is to provide the assurance to the patients about the security of their personal information. However, it is challenging task, as the system is designed based on the wireless mobile infrastructure less networking technology. Thus the appropriate security mechanism must be implemented to protect the patient monitoring information, and suitable controls and preventions must be applied to detect and remove the security attacks.

The artificial intelligence and data science technologies have been used to provide the network security and prevent the security threats in the information technology. However, investigation and analysis is required to verify the technologies accuracy and cost during the provision of information security in mobile health care system. Furthermore, vulnerabilities of these technologies need to be highlighted for securing the monitored information of patient. It is therefore significant to examine the accomplishment of these technologies in mobile health care system in comparison with traditional technologies of information security.



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