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Course Name: Certified Industry 4.0 Network (Routing and Switching) Specialist

Objectives & Outcomes

• To understand the role and functions of network components like,
o Routers
o L2 and L3 Switch
o Access Points / Controllers
o Endpoints / Servers
• To understand the characteristics of network topology architectures.
• To learn IP sub-netting, IP addressing scheme and binary numbers
• To understand the concept and learn the configuration of the IPv6 addressing and prefix and IPv6 address types.
• To understand the wireless principles, and comparison of Wireless architecture and AP modes.
• To understand the detailed concepts of switching that includes but not limited to:
o Link Aggregation
o Port Security
• To understand the detailed concepts of Routing that includes but not limited to:
o OSPFv2 / OSPVv3
• To understand the working and concept of SD-Access.
• To understand the working and concept of SD-WAN.
• To understand the fundamentals of IP services that includes but not limited to:

  • Course Day 1:
  • Course Day 2:
  • Course Day 3:
Course Day 1:
Session #1:

Network Fundamentals

• Overview of Computer Networks
• OSI 7- layer model and TCP/IP model
• Network Technologies & Network Devices
• Packet Tracer, GNS3, & Wireshark
• Basic Switch and Routing concepts
Session #2:

Networking Concepts & Technologies

• Sub-netting and VLSM
• IP Addresses – Composition, Types and Classes
• Private and Public IP addresses
• IPv6 architecture and configuration
Course Day 2:
Session #1:

Comprehensive Switching Concepts

• VLAN concepts and configuration
• STP/RSTP+/MST concepts and configuration
• Link Aggregation concepts and configuration
• Port security configuration
Session #2:

Wireless Architecture and AP modes

• Wireless architecture and AP modes comparison
• Basic concept of SD-Access
• Basic concept of SD-WAN
Course Day 3:
Session #1:

Routing and Switching

Routing and Switching
• Configure and verify OSPF environments including:
o Multiple normal areas
o Summarization
o Filtering (neighbor adjacency, point-to-point and broadcast network types, and passive interface)
• Compare routing concepts of EIGRP and OSPF (advanced distance vector vs. linked state, load balancing, path selection, path operations, metrics)
• BGP concept and configuration
Session #2:

Fundamentals of IP Services

• NTP concepts and configuration
• NAT/PAT concepts and configuration
• HSRP/VRRP concepts and configuration
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  • Course Fee
Course Name:
Certified Industry 4.0 Network (Routing and Switching) Specialist
Course Duration:
3 days (5 hours session per day)
Target Audience:
Diploma Holder, IT and Non-IT background people with basic Mathematical and Computer knowledge.  
Course Fee
Fee: 90 USD ** Free for students and staffs from SITER’s collaborated institutions.

Certified Industry 4.0 Network Specialist

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